Properties of Ghassoul Clay

Once Ghassoul is mixed and dispersed in water it gives some sort of mud that presents detergent and grease-removing properties due to a high capacity of exchange in cations. Ghassoul only acts as an absorption phenomenon so it does not present any aggressive effects towards hair, skin or mucosa.

Can we attribute Saponiferic properties to Ghassoul?

Without a doubt: Ghassool is always described as foaming (saponiferic literally means “that contains soaps”). Researches on the hemolytic power of Ghassoul show that it is nul (saponin proprieties).

Suspension: Ghassoul does not have surfactive properties.

Absorbing powers in relation to water

Ghassoul can absorb 1,66 times its water weight (15g of Ghassoul can absorb up to 25ml of water). When Ghassoul is filled with water, it blows and occupies a volume of 35ml. In these conditions, this capacity of Ghassoul to absorb water is considerable (1,66 times its own weight) while illte clay (used for pottery and brickworks) only absorbs 0,4 times its water weight.

Absorption phenomon

A comparative study was done on bone black to compare it to the absorbing power of Ghassoul on a blue solution of methylene: Ghassoul has a superior absorption power compared to bone black. It was shown that 1g of Ghassoul is capable of absorbing 80mg of blue methylene while 1g of bone black (coal) only absorbs 20mg. The absorbing power of Ghassoul is then 4 times superior to the one of bone black.