Ghassoul is the world’s oldest beauty secret. Since Antiquity this wonderful clay has been used to cleanse, soothe and rejuvenate the skin of natives of Northern Africa and the Mediterranean Basin at large. We here present this amazing saponiferous clay for your enjoyment.


About Ghassoul

Ghassoul has been used for over 12 centuries by North African and Middle Eastern populations. It draws its name from the Arabic verb “Rassala”, which means “washing”.


Ghassoul Usage on Hair

Being known for its foaming qualities, its cleanliness and harmlessness, Ghassoul is used for the hair and acts as a natural shampoo by cleaning and removing grease from hair, without disturbing teguments and the keratin fiber. Ghassoul-treated hair prove to be exceptionally bright and supple.


Ghassool FaceMask

Ghassool FaceMask is a refined, more than 5 times sifted ghassoul clay powder, devoid of any impurities or debris.

Once mixed with lukewarm water, it make a soft silky paste to apply on the face, or anywhere on the skin to cleanse and soothe.

Ghassool FaceMask should be left on skin for about 5 minutes to do its wonder.


Ghassool Usage Skin

Ghassoul delayed in warm water forms a pasty mud that is then applied in light cataplasm on the desired body parts. It is preferable to have a humid skin and to activate the blood circulation by getting a massage. Let the paste dry then, once it is dry, clean the skin with astringent hamamélis water. After these steps, persevere the number of applications to obtain the best result. Ghassoul is considered as a first-class cosmetic product.

Orally & Internally
Ghassoul is used orally by pregnant women who have gastric acidity.


Scientific Analysis Ghassool Clay

Ghassool is an entirely natural mineral product essentially composed of clayish stevensite ore based on silicate of magnesia.


Properties Of Ghassool

Once Ghassoul is mixed and dispersed in water it gives some sort of mud that presents detergent and grease-removing properties due to a high capacity of exchange in cations. Ghassoul only acts as an absorption phenomenon so it does not present any aggressive effects towards hair, skin or mucosa.



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