Ghassoul Usage on Hair

Being known for its foaming qualities, its cleanliness and harmlessness, Ghassoul is used for the hair and acts as a natural shampoo by cleaning and removing grease from hair, without disturbing teguments and the keratin fiber. Ghassoul-treated hair prove to be exceptionally bright and supple. The chemical analysis and in particular the determination of the cations in the exchangeable fractions show that Ghassool has a strong power of liberation of cations (magnesium, calcium) that are susceptible to play a saponific role. These cations will be exchanged. To this are added absorbing powers which gives it a capacity of fixation of substances that touch it. So the role of shampooing consists of eliminating dirt:

  • Greasy substances created by glans
  • Derived organics and minerals resulting from the evaporation of perspiration
  • Keratin residues coming from the desquamation of the scalp
  • Remainders of cosmetic products used to maintain a grip on hair

Ghassoul intervenes when it touches the hair by absorbing and saponifying the fatty acids and other dirt without allowing the detergent to be excessive, while maintaining a biological balance on the hair and scalp, because the sebum layer is not totally eliminated.